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Sustainable Wedding Rings by Jennifer Dawes Design

It is common for couples to put in a lot of thought into their engagement rings, but don’t forget that your wedding ring also plays a crucial role. Your wedding rings or bands are a steadfast symbol of the love and commitment between you and your spouse. And it is crucial that you make the right choice so that the ring doesn’t just look beautiful on your finger but also makes you feel good about wearing it. At Jennifer Dawes Design, you can now take your pick from an extensive collection of ethical and sustainable wedding rings that are designed to make your big day even bigger. We offer an array of styles, ranging from traditional diamond bands to bands encrusted with other precious stones such as emerald. From pave wedding bands to teardrop wedding rings, there is something for everyone, no matter your personal style or preferences. ...

Choose a ring that matches or compliments your bride-to-be’s engagement ring (or your own, if you are shopping for yourself). When it comes to making a decision for yourself, feel free to browse through our varied selection to pick up a band that you love and can see yourself wearing for a lifetime. While it may be tempting to save a few bucks on cheap, costume jewelry instead of spend some more on designer pieces, keep in mind that cheap pieces begin to lose their shine and brilliance after only a few wears. And most importantly, the former not environmentally sustainable. When you buy a cheap wedding band, you have no idea where it has come from, how it was created, how were the diamond extracted. Along with offering unique designs, we also try to make everything as transparent as possible. Shop for our wedding bands, such as the Three Graces bridal band, that are created from recycled precious metals and ethically mined diamonds, thus ensuring that each piece leaves behind only a minimal environmental footprint.

Find Stunning Wedding Bands at The Best Prices

Whether you are looking for raindrop wedding rings or a diamond pave band, at Jennifer Dawes Design, you will find all that you need and much more. Our designs are elegant and one-of-a-kind, and each piece in our vast collection boasts of the finest quality and incredible durability. What’s more, our sustainable wedding rings are available for highly affordable prices, which means now you don’t have to break the bank to find the perfect band to symbolize your wedding. Our designer, Jennifer Dawes, has been one of the leading voices seeking to bring about a change in the jewelry industry and make it ethical, socially responsible and more transparent. She started this brand as a way to create stunning jewelry that is free from conflict and does not raise questions of origin or ethics. If you too want to make a difference with your choices, Jennifer Dawes Design is here to make that happen for you. Shop for our ethical and sustainable raindrop wedding rings, sapphire diamond rings, emerald diamond rings, Three Graces bridal rings and more.

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