Jennifer Dawes Design is proud to partner with these important organizations.

Rio Tinto is the world’s largest producer of natural colored diamonds. Rio Tinto’s Diamonds With A Story campaign showcases the world’s top designers using diamonds from their Argyle mine. Jennifer Dawes Design has been asked to represent the Cutting Impact Collection which features the sustainability aspect of these beautiful stones. The Argyle mine is committed to the preservation of the environment and creating a strong and stable economy for the communities where it operates.

ANZA Gems is a different kind of jewelry company. We create a circle of
development, beginning with gorgeous gems responsibly-sourced fro
m East Africa that are set into stunning designer jewelry capsule collections. Each purchase helps fund schools at the primary and jewelry trade level in Tanzania and Kenya. We believe we can benefit every part of this circle. Together, let’s begin.

We are excited to partner with the Courtney Collection to design a capsule collection with Csarite.  A natural, untreated and responsibly mined gemstone with only one known source, Turkey. A unique color-changing gemstone that is unlike any other. It has the  ability to display different tones of colors at the same time which is an extraordinarily rare anomaly in the gem world. Csarite is ten thousand times rarer than a diamond and is sought out by today’s most discriminating buyers, who want to be among the first to own this true collector’s gemstone.