"I first found Jennifer’s design in a jewelry store in Cape May, New Jersey when my (now) husband ushered me in, as I was avoiding searching for a ring. We only went in to get sized, as I found the process overwhelming, but I’m happy we went in. I saw Jennifer’s milgrain band and instantly fell in love. I spent the next few hours scouring her website and knew I had to have one of her designs. I requested a try on and had no clue Jennifer and I would be working so closely together to make the perfect rings. We had so many wonderful conversations from the try on, through the crafting, even after. She has been a delight and feels like part of our family. Once I received my rings I was ecstatic, I’ve never been big on jewelry, but her designs captured who I am as a person and it’s truly her gift. The rings spark joy as I catch a glance of them throughout the day and remind me of the love that I share with my husband. I have to thank Jennifer profusely for such an incredible experience."

- David 


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