Imperial Topaz Emerald Cut Ring


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Topaz Emerald Cut Ring

This feminine soft and perfectly proportioned imperial topaz emerald cut ring will have you swooning every time you look down upon it! Sexy, nude hues give this ring a subtle gravitas. Made in 14k recycled gold, this stacking ring features an emerald cut imperial topaz prong set north to south.

Pictured in:
14k yellow gold
1ct imperial topaz
1.5mm wide

Jennifer Dawes Design curates the most beautiful collection of diamond and precious gemstones available for all of our designs. Many of our stones are one of a kind and if a particular piece has sold, we will source gemstones in similar shape, size and color. Due to fluctuations in the gold and stone markets, prices are subject to change. We are happy to work with your own stone(s) and can make your ring in any size....

Buy Imperial Topaz Jewelry At Jennifer Dawes Design

If you are looking for an elegant and unique piece of jewelry to add to your collection, look no further than our sustainable imperial topaz ring. Topaz, with its array of stunning colors and ability to reflect light and brilliance, is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the jewelry industry. In its purest form, topaz is usually brown or colorless, but it is also available in some gorgeous, albeit rarer, shades such as blue and pink. Imperial topaz is one of the rarest versions of this stone, which makes it incredibly valuable. In addition to its beauty, topaz has for long been considered to be a symbol of love and affection, making our topaz ring a great choice of gift for a loved one. It is often believed that wearing topaz can help you stay cheerful. Although different varieties of topaz have different meanings, the ideas of love and passion remain unchanged.

Jennifer Dawes Design believes in the creation of jewelry that is not associated with any conflict and does not raise questions of ethics. As one of the leading voices calling for better transparency and more sustainability in the jewelry industry, we had ensured that all our products are made locally and using materials sourced from sustainable businesses. Browse through our online store to find a variety of jewelry pieces, including rings and necklaces and other types of imperial topaz jewelry, that have been created from precious and semi-precious stones are ethically sourced and set in bands that are made from recycled gold. If you want to invest in jewelry in a way that brings about a change in the world, shop from our extensive collection of sustainable jewelry.

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