Have you ever dreamed of creating the perfect expression of who you are, who you want to become and what brings you joy?

There are so many reasons to want to stack your rings. It could be style or expression of sentiment.Celebrate life's special moments.

Let's Build a Stack!

Our rings are ideal for stacking. They are made for layering, for playing with texture, hue and tone. The main rule is to have fun! These stacks can be purchased at once with a particular theme in mind, or built over time as you celebrate life’s special moments.

Stacking Bands

Stacking Rings


How to create your ring stack- finding harmony and balance:

1. Start with a base, the main event if you will. A solitaire is good for this. Choose a ring with the right shape and proportion for your hand. Long, oval, round, horizontal or square. 

2. What metal do you like? Rose, white or yellow? Does it bring out the warmth in your skin tone? Polished, brushed, matte or hammered?

3. Texture, sparkle, color- what do you want to see on your hand? What do you want to stand out? Do you want fancy diamonds or opaque? Perhaps a rich slate tones of industrial diamonds speak to you. Or maybe you want the glitz and shine of pave stones as a halo around the main stone or on the band. Maybe you would like a birthstone or a family stone to incorporate.


Style. Do you want something delicate or extravagant? Do you want a simple, elegant stack, or a stack with a lot of sparkle and gravitas? Perhaps you prefer an organic look or you want to tell a story through symbolism or color.

5. Movement and fluidity. It’s important to have a sense of movement and organic completion with your stack. How do you want to tie your stack together and create cohesion? Maybe a ring jacket that hugs a main stone is the way you would like to finish off your stack. Or possibly a bar ring to create an exceptional composition.

Jennifer Dawes Design

Jennifer Dawes Design is a visionary jewelry brand dedicated to transparency, sustainability and artisanal eloquence. Jennifer Dawes, owner and principal of Jennifer Dawes Design, is dedicated to creating beautiful jewelry that is free from conflict and clear of any questions of ethics or origin.


The Accountant
$ 5,265.00$ 14,575.00
The Admiral
$ 5,422.50
The Aesthete
$ 8,950.00
The Astrologer
$ 5,265.00$ 10,400.00