Jen J.

"Working with Jennifer was such a fun and delightful process. My husband and I wanted new rings to replace our original platinum settings to reflect our renewed interest in gold. We also wanted to incorporate a raw diamond and gold into an anniversary necklace. Jennifer was so interesting to talk to and has such spark and passion for her work. She brainstormed with us, making sketches as we talked, to come up with ideas that fit with our design interests, even using some raw gold that meant a lot to my husband for his ring. The results are stunning. I literally sigh every time I glance at my ring. The pieces have an old-world look, as if they are ancient relics. The gold that Jennifer uses, or maybe it is just the way she finishes it, gives it a luster and subtle color which I prefer to any other gold jewelry. It is also good to know that it is all ethically sourced."

- Jen J.

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