Kristen Mae & Joe

"When Joe and I were talking about getting engaged, I really wanted him to pick out the engagement ring on his own. This made him extremely nervous. I think my only requirements were sustainability and character…not much to go on!

He was so nervous in fact, that when he found Jennifer Dawes' jewelry through a Google search, he sent me the website and said: 'Don’t pick one out, but please just tell me if you like this designer.' When I glanced at Jennifer’s engagement rings I got giddy and quickly told him he could not go wrong with any of the choices.

The ring he ended up choosing is stunning. I love that it looks handmade with the hammered gold. I love that the diamonds lay flat. I have very small fingers (size 4) and the ring wasn’t overpowering….it was just…perfect.

When we were looking for our wedding bands, there was no doubt in either of our minds that they had to be from Jennifer. Jennifer helped us pick out a band that would complement my engagement ring, and no surprise the bands are gorgeous! The hammered gold for both of our bands is both beautifully simple and elegant. I also enjoy that our wedding bands match one another's. I love wearing my wedding band as much on its own, as I do with my engagement ring. I look forward to putting my rings on each day!"

- Kristen Mae

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