Margo & Peter

"My fiancé owns a coffee shop in Denver and it tends to bring in many new faces. One day, (before we were engaged) a beautiful, artistic woman walked into the shop and I immediately noticed the beautiful elegance and simplistic details of her wedding ring/band. I asked her where it was from and she responded with Jennifer Dawes. Almost a year later when my now fiancé was looking for rings, he got wind that I loved Jennifer Dawes rings. He was already in the process with a few local designers to try and create the simple, delicate ring that already existed with Jennifer Dawes. He called her up and explained that we have an heirloom diamond from his great grandmother that we would like in the ring and together they created the beautiful and personal ring that I have now. It's delicate and dainty on my small hands and yet it makes a statement of its own. We both love the ring and feel it couldn't be more perfect. It holds Grandma Buela's diamond well. Since then I have needed to get it resized and when I took it to a local jeweler to do so, she was quick to comment on how well made the ring was and how secure the diamond was in the band even though the band is very thin. Here is a picture of sweet Peter and I after he proposed at the Grand Canyon and here is a picture of the ring! Thank you, Jennifer, for taking a priceless diamond and making the most beautiful ring to hold it in. We're very grateful."

- Margo

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