"I had come across Jennifer's jewelry from Instagram and was drawn toward the fine craftsmanship and designs. After checking out her website, I found out that her studio was located in the same city that I am in and she does custom pieces! I knew then that I would have to get something from her.  Not long after this realization, I recalled that I had some loose diamonds that were my Great Grandmother's when she turned in her gold from World War II. For ages, I had been wanting to "re-home" these stones in something special to commemorate her. What better way than a custom ring! 

Alison and Jennifer were very flexible with meeting me and creating the design that I had in mind. It was quite a fun process! I also appreciated that I could turn in gold pieces I wasn't using to be recycled for "gold credit" toward my ring.  In the future, I will have to get another custom ring or two to add to this piece - not only because it would be quite a statement, but because I have even more loose diamonds that need a new home!"  


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