"I don’t even know how I found Jennifer’s website in 2008. She was in California, I was in Alaska. My now husband and I had been talking about getting married, so I was looking for rings that I liked. I didn’t care about clarity, carat, or size. I didn’t want something from a box store. I wanted something that was unique. Something I found meaning in.

We were young, I had a daughter from a previous relationship, and my husband was just getting out of the military. From the moment my husband met me, he knew that we could be something great but he was at a crossroads. He could get out of the military, and go back home or stay in Alaska for my daughter and me, even though we had basically just met. Six months later I found Jennifer’s website. That Christmas Eve he proposed with ring I showed him that I liked. We were married the following summer, his wedding band came from Jennifer as well. Twelve years later, two more daughters, and the addition of two more diamonds on my wedding ring, I’d say he was right about us being something great.

We did end up moving to his hometown. I’ve worked with Jennifer each time we added new diamonds. We’ve always worked long distance. It’s a bit scary, to trust someone with such an investment. It’s just a little round piece of metal, yet it holds so much sentimental value. So many memories. So much love. Our family has grown, just as our love has, and Jennifer has worked with us each time to commemorate the milestones in our journey. We’ve had long conversations over the years about our lives, and it’s been wonderful watching her jewelry line grow - just as we have over the years. To love!"

- Terri

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