The Queen Bee


The Queen Bee of the Kingdom Collection. Worn as a necklace or pin, this piece is a tribute to the majestic bee. Recognized for their industriousness and teamwork, bees play a critical role in feeding our planet. As pollinators, they are necessary for the reproduction of flowering plants, including more than two-thirds of the world’s food crop species.

Pictured in:
18k yellow gold
14.23ctw Oregon sunstones
.12ctw blue sapphires
.07ct black diamonds
.05ctw white diamonds
16" textured chain

Many of our stones are one of a kind and if a particular piece has sold, we will source gemstones in similar shape, size and color. Due to fluctuations in the gold and stone markets, prices are subject to change. 

Birds, bats, bees, butterflies, beetles, and other small mammals that pollinate plants are responsible for bringing us one out of every three bites of food. They also sustain our ecosystems and produce our natural resources by helping plants reproduce. This nearly invisible ecosystem service is a precious resource that requires attention and support — and in disturbing evidence found around the globe, is increasingly in jeopardy. Jennifer Dawes Design is a proud sponsor of the Pollinator Partnership. Learn more about how this system supports you, and how your actions can help support healthy and sustainable pollination. Visit to learn more.

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