Sustainable and Ethical Bracelets by Jennifer Dawes Design

Jewelry, whether rings or bracelets, is deeply personal and something to be treasured. It is often bought as a token of love and appreciation, and can be a significant investment, so, it is crucial that when you do make that investment – no matter how big or small – you need to ensure that it is a piece of integrity and it aligns with the values you hold dear. At Jennifer Dawes Design, we offer a collection of sustainable and ethical bracelets that will make you feel as good as you look. Created using recycled gold and ethically mined diamonds, our bracelets perfectly embody the ideas of social responsibility and environmental sustainability....

When a special occasion knocks at your door, what better way to adorn your wrists than with our minimalist half round bands to add that touch of understated glamor and luxury? Jennifer Dawes Design features a collection of half round and rough-cut bands in some outstanding styles and designs. You can stack them with similar pieces or wear them on their own, and make a statement with your ensemble. Mix and match to express your unique style and personality by building your own layered look.

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When it comes to picking out an accessory to dress up your wrists, bracelets like our rough-cut bands are often a no-brainer. Their versatile style can effortlessly range from elegant and classic to modern and chic, making it easy to find pieces that match your own sartorial taste. You can also choose from a plethora of diverse types like cuff bracelets, bangles, charm bracelets, and stackable bracelets as well as also take your pick from pieces encrusted with precious and semi-precious stones like diamond, emerald, sapphire and more. It is this diversity and versatility that makes bracelets the ideal choice for quite everyday accessorizing as well as for special events.

At Jennifer Dawes Design, discover a selection of beautiful bracelets that bear a style that is both timeless and luxurious. Every piece in the collection is a meticulous handiwork of art that has been crafted by our designer Jennifer Dawes in her studio in rural Sonoma County, California. We pride ourselves on making all our products locally and sourcing from sustainable businesses that use recycled products. From classic diamond bangle bracelets to ethereal emerald cuff bracelets, we have an assortment of designs that are always en vogue. Whether you need a piece of jewelry to jazz up your outfit for a work event or a holiday party with friends, we can guarantee that our collection will never fail to impress. Our bracelets can instantly amp up the glamour and charm in even the simplest of outfits. Browse through our extensive collection to choose from an array of designs and types so that you can find the one that suits you best. Shop Jennifer Dawes Design’s dazzling selection of women’s bracelets today.