A Perfect 3 Graces Bridal Set With Jennifer Dawes’ Wedding Band Collection

Charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, goodwill, and fertility- the blessings of the holy Charites or the three graces are bridal honors for every wedding.

Weddings are beautiful. They are nothing but a collection of bespoke memories that last a lifetime. And it’s never about just the D-day.

From wedding gown shopping, creating guest invite list, deciding venue and catering, and most importantly, getting the perfect wedding bridal set- the wedding process commences much before than the date of celebration.

When it comes to choosing a bridal set, no one wants it less than perfect. Typically, a bridal set consists of a wedding ring and an engagement ring that is purchased together to make a perfectly paired bridal ring set. Bridal sets offer many advantages. Firstly, it reduces the time efforts to separately buy an engagement ring now and a wedding ring after. Secondly, You may unlock bonus savings by purchasing the stack together than buying them separately. And finally, you get to create a bespoke and unique ring stack for your bride.

Speaking of unique and bespoke, every bride deserves to flaunt a ring that matches her personality and this brings on to mention about the newest collection of wedding bands for 2021.

With the wedding jewelry witnessing many trends and demands, there are a few key aspects that truly stood out, apart from the usual classic diamonds, which include:

  • Minimalism

  • Personalization

  • Multiple stone rings

  • Birthmonth stones

  • Unconventional styles

Dawes’ fresh wedding band collection takes on the challenge with a touch of sustainability. The Bohemian and Lifestyle collection perfectly commemorate the concept of personalization. Apart from our design offerings, our create your own stack service hands over the designing reigns to the bride to bring her vision to reality. Afterall, the wedding was always hers to begin with. The best part about this feature is that you can mix colors, shapes, and even stone types to create a one-of-a-kind and truly personal ring.

These collections are great for brides who want their rings to be as bold as them. When it comes to unconventional, there are certain brides who would like to step out of the classic comfort but still carry the elegance of traditional rings. The 18K Yellow, Eternity, Stacking Band and Mother’s ring collection perfectly encapsulates the essence of classic elegance with a twist of modernity.

Multiple stone rings and birthmonth stones were another prominent trending highlight. The multiple stoned rainbow stack carries a royal-inspired mashup while giving a cool-bride vibe. Three-stone and three-stoned diamond are another result of this trend. These two are ideal for brides who look for a lively pop with a refined finesse. For birth month stone, the collection released well-crafted designer stones for April, March, May and September Brides.

Engagement and wedding rings are one of the most personal and important purchase that anyone can make in his/ her lifetime. With the ongoing trend and so many options available, the decision making process can last for eternity. Therefore, you must decide on a ring that fits your style and budget both. From cuts, settings to stones and combinations, our team at Jennifer Dawes Design guides you through your ring hunt to settle upon the one that your partner will treasure for years to come! The best part about investing in us is that you make a sustainable choice while promoting ethical practices. Browse our online showroom or contact us for any queries.