On Earth Day 2021, I officially launched The Kingdom Collection. This is my first figurative collection that is at the intersection of science and spirit. I wanted to give a voice to the beauty and wonderment of the many creatures that play a critical role in our ecosystems but are often under-appreciated or taken for granted.


The idea for this collection began when I helped release monarch butterflies at my local feed store. After learning that day that monarchs are a candidate for listing under the Endangered Species Act, I was shocked and wanted to do my part by creating a butterfly sanctuary at my home. I planted milkweed and butterfly bush to help support the monarchs and offer them nourishment during their annual migration.

While setting the stones for the butterfly pieces that inspired the collection, I took a break to walk my dog. I noticed a butterfly fluttering around my head, so I stuck out my finger for it to land on. The butterfly proceeded to join us on our walk! After the walk, it fluttered away and I was left with the feeling that I should keep creating this collection.


One of my cats likes to leave me little gifts like feathers at my desk. One day, I noticed that one of my shoes had something moving in it. It turned out to be a live garter snake that she had left in my shoe! I’d already planned on spending the weekend working on casting my new snake pieces, so I thought what could be better than a live model!

I brought the snake into my studio and studied its shape and positioning as it wrapped around my wrist so that I could mimic the natural curves in my designs. After the modeling job was over, I put the snake back in a safe place and started picking out the stones for a snake ring, cuff bracelet, necklace and earrings!


I’ve always wanted to do snake pieces and have been in love with Ancient Egyptian and vintage snake jewelry for years. This collection was the excuse I needed to finally make it come to fruition! The snake in my shoe was just the confirmation I needed to know that my newest collection was the right direction for me to head in.

The snake seemed to really have influenced me because the bathroom floor in the '84 Airstream I'm renovating turned out to look very snake-like!


Look who came to hang out with me while I was working on this bee piece:


As you know, Jennifer Dawes Design produces jewelry pieces in a non-destructive way, using only sustainably and ethically-sourced gemstones and metal. As part of this commitment to our planet, we are also now a proud sponsor of the pollinator conservation program at the Xerces Society, an environmental nonprofit that focuses on the conservation of invertebrates considered to be essential to biological diversity and ecosystem health.

Pollinators play a critical role in our planet's health — the ecological service they provide is necessary for the reproduction of over 85% of the world’s flowering plants, including more than 2/3 of the world’s crop species. Habitat loss, pesticides, and introduced diseases have put these vital insects at risk, but you can help. Commit to growing pollinator-friendly flowers, providing nest sites, avoiding pesticides, and spreading the word!

View The Kingdom Collection here.