The Art of Ring Stacking

Ring stacking is a great way to express yourself using a variety of textures, hues and tones. Jennifer Dawes Design's rings are made for layering, so that you can create your own stack or grow your stack over time as you celebrate milestones. From delicate bands to chunky gemstones, there are so many possibilities.

Have some fun with our interactive ring builder to create your own stack! We've also created Lifestyle Stacks, inspired by our clients with suggested ring combinations. Here are some tips to get you started:

Start with Monochromatic
If you are new to ring stacking, going monochromatic with precious metals will help you get comfortable with styling ring stacks. When all of the rings are the same color, you can then focus on shapes and proportions. The Mathematician uses rectangles and squares of various sizes for a bold stack that is visually cohesive in a unique way:
Incorporate Chunky Pieces
Instead of having one larger gemstone as the centerpiece, you can also try several chunky pieces to create a striking combination like in The Marine Biologist, which combines apatite and aquamarine stones to create an ocean-inspired stack:
Detailed and Delicate
We love layering thin dainty bands to create ornate ring stacks. The patterns of the rings in The Nomad combine to create an intricate and sophisticated stack:
Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Metals
Layering rings made of different metals can create some surprising and stunning combinations.  For example, if you have a platinum wedding band and platinum engagement ring, you can add a warmer element by incorporating a delicate rose gold into the stack. The use of both rose and yellow gold in The Docent is like a sunset in a stack!
Don’t Forget Your Jacket 
Jackets can add cohesion to a stack as well as draw attention to a centerpiece like an engagement ring. The Financier uses mirror image jackets to frame the solitaire:
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