"I first met Jennifer years ago at the NY Gift Fair and loved her 18K gold jewelry. Years later, as I was thinking about proposing to my girlfriend, Michele, I remembered Jennifer and found her beautiful ring collection on-line, but being a designer, I had to see and touch the rings to understand scale and get a sense of what I wanted to give Michele. So, I made an appointment to go into her studio, and as Jennifer says, “play”! Jennifer and her staff were so helpful and open during the process of designing the perfect engagement ring, which has been a piece that my wife gets stopped and complemented on daily.
When Michele and I were thinking about our wedding bands and having looking at multiple other places, we both knew we wanted to go to Jennifer and collaborate with her on our ideas. As we arrived to her small show room at her studio, we were welcomed by her dog and a drink to get us started. We "played" with what worked best -- at one point I looked over at Michele who had stacks of diamond rings dripping off her fingers—we had a lot of fun. At the end we decided not to design custom bands but chose a few of her wonderfully designed rings. We are so happy with the process and with the outcome!

These pictures are from our wedding in Portugal at the Palacio dos Marqueses de Fronteira, which was a dream wedding—Michele was outfitted with Jennifer Dawes earrings and her multiple rings. We cannot say enough about how amazing an experience it was to work with Jennifer, who is a true artist, on these pieces of jewelry we will wear to symbolize our love and commitment!"
- Kia

I love making jewelry for people, and making bridal jewelry is especially meaningful. Not only for me, as it is such an honor to have someone want to wear a piece you made for the rest of their life, but because you get to meet extraordinary people at such a meaningful time in their lives.

I met Kia years and years ago at a trade show in New York. Who would have ever thought he would remember me all these years later when he found the woman of his dreams! Before I met Michele, Kia and I worked to create a magical piece for her. But the real magic started when I got to meet Michelle for the first time. I loved getting to know her and watching Kia light up as she spoke about her work.

"We loved working with JDD -- though we can hardly say it was work. We had so much fun. Jennifer is such a lovely person and talented artist. Our rings are a constant reminder how beautiful, exciting, and sparkly our life is together."
- Michele

I often say that people come to me as clients and leave as friends. This was so true with Kia and Michelle. As we worked, or more like played together the more we got to know each other. They told me about their wedding plans at a historical mansion in Portugal. They were so kind to invite me to the wedding and how I would have loved to go. Instead I sent them a pair of earring to wear for the wedding.

Dreams do come true. For these amazing people, Kia and Michelle, it could happen to a sweeter couple. How blessed I feel to be just a small part in a beautiful story.