There was a time when shopping for an engagement ring seemed easy and stress-free. All you had to think about was whether you wanted the stone to be an emerald cut or a princess cut, or whether you wanted a white gold band or a yellow band. Now, with the staggering variety of engagement rings available, it is difficult and confusing, but nothing that cannot be accomplished with the right knowledge. If you are planning to buy an engagement ring for your partner or shopping for one for yourself, there are a few important things that you should consider before you say ‘yes’ to the sparkle. Here are some of them:

Avoid buying a ring that doesn’t reflect your partner’s style

An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and commitment that will last forever, and that is why it is best to always shop for a design that reflects your partners personality and values. And the beauty of shopping for a ring for your partner is so your expression can also be part of the design.  Remember this is not only a symbol of who they are, but who they want to become.

The size matters only if you think it does

Are you someone who believes in the “go big or go home” adage when it comes to engagement rings? Unless you think size is important for you or for your fiancé, avoid picking out a showy ring. You should instead choose a design that reflects your fiancé’s style and personality. It is a much better idea to focus on the design as opposed to the size.

Learn where the stone and the metal came from

Your significant other will surely appreciate a ring that has a sustainable and ethical backstory. Look for designers and brands that offer responsible rings that are crafted from ethically sourced stones that are free of conflict, and maybe even other recycled materials. You should be able to trace the origin of the stone, preferably from mine to market.

Do not ignore the setting

Diamonds are forever, which means you need a setting that will last over time. The setting is the metal framework in which the stone is set, and the setting can determine the perfect tone for the ring and contribute to its beauty. There are various kinds of settings that you can choose from, including prong setting, halo setting, bezel setting and more.

Observe your partner’s style before you go shopping

Today, it has become increasingly common for couples to shop together for an engagement ring, but if you would rather go the traditional route and surprise your partner with a ring, you should start by doing some sleuthing. And that includes paying attention to the kind of jewelry they usually wear and what style clothing they tend to wear. What’s their lifestyle like? Do they work with their hands? Are they athletic? Are they understated or bold? Do they prefer modern, minimalist designs or vintage styles? Do they wear a lot of gold, silver or platinum? This will help you pick out a ring that they are sure to love.

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