Blockette Chevron Garnet Ring


18k Yellow Gold
The beauty and tension within the geometry of this split ring will have you spellbound. Made with a kite shaped garnet and a beautiful ombre V hugging the main stone of sapphires and diamond. It is a piece that is comfortable, yet so unique you will never tire staring at it for hours. This 18k gold ring features a stunning Mozmbique 12x6.5mm kite cut garnet and an ombre of ruby, sapphires and diamonds. Sometimes you can get in your own way, and in that case, Garnet works to balance the mind and emotions by helping you discard outdated ways of thinking and giving way to a new path of abundance and vitality.
Pictured in:
1.40ct Mozambique garnet 
.04 dark pink sapphire
.02 ruby
.04 pink sapphire
.04 white full cut diamonds
2mm wide band

Jennifer Dawes Design curates the most beautiful collection of diamond and precious gemstones available for all of our designs. Many of our stones are one of a kind and if a particular piece has sold, we will source gemstones in similar shape, size and color. Due to fluctuations in the gold and stone markets, prices are subject to change. We are happy to work with your own stone(s) and can make your ring in any size.

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