Every once in a while someone shares with me a post of an engagement announcement or a proposal that makes my heart explode. That happened to me with Krista Little. A client through one of my stores in North Carolina. Of course I replied to her story as that is always a highlight of what I do. As we got to talking, I saw she was a photographer and immediately was struck by her talent and vision.

As we got to talking I asked her if she would be interested in shooting my jewelry on her next photo shoot? She said yes! We got to work on what we wanted to do together and I shipped a box of jewelry to her.

What I got back, simply and profoundly took my breath away! She captured another world. A magical realm with these beautiful water nymphs and nature sprits. I look at these photos and they bring my work to another level.

Please enjoy a glimpse into this magical world Krista created. We will be rolling these photos out over time. Hopefully you will fall into this dream world as I did.

Thank you Krista Little for your talent, vision, inspiration and collaboration. There is nothing better than finding a fellow artist in which mutual admiration leads to magical results!